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"Your Mind Matters: Revolutionising Healthcare"

Third International Virtual Conference in Clinical Communication and Hypnotherapy

We are delighted to be sharing our third international and virtual conference with you.

The Your Mind Matters Conference was born in the depth of lockdown during 2020 and launched on 5 June 2021. The first conference, unsurprisingly, focused on teletherapy and the way that clinical hypnotherapists and other practitioners around the globe were working remotely to bring comfort and support to their clients.

This year the conference theme showcases some of the revolutionising work that medical doctors, clinical hypnotherapists, and healthcare professionals have introduced over the last two decades. The emphasis is on clinical hypnotherapy and clinical communications and the theme is designed to showcase how the soft skills of therapeutic intervention can transform the quality of life for our patients, bring comfort to their families and influence the future of healthcare.

Global Sharing

It is a pleasure to include Dr Daniel Radesca among our list of esteemed 2022 speakers. Dr Radesca is a physician who has successfully introduced clinical hypnotherapy to a notable Uruguay hospital where it is now an integral part of patient care. Each consultation takes one hour, and patients leave with hope, resilience, and a sense of trust in the care that they receive. Dr Radesca works with cancer patients and people who struggle to process the emotions that accompany terminal illness, major surgery, and the depression and anxiety that often accompany the diagnosis of major illness.

His work demonstrates that whilst patient-focused care can take more time, it enhances the perceived experience and the hospital is kept busy by the number of referrals from patients, their families, and by reputation.

A Decade of Endeavour

Clinical hypnotherapy is not a new discipline. Emeritus Professor Dr David Spiegel MD, in a somewhat pointed comment directed at the pharmaceutical industry, famously stated that if clinical hypnosis could be bottled then everyone would want it.

In another corner of, the world, a group of pioneering specialists in Malaysia have established a hypnotherapy pain clinic for both chronic pain management and as part of perioperative care. This initiative started ten years ago and has grown into a determined approach to offer clinical hypnosis as a treatment choice to patients. You will have the opportunity to hear about successful case management, research projects, and the challenges that can sometimes face pioneers as they establish new procedures within mainstream medicine.

Who Practices Hypnotherapy?

It would be wrong to think that only medical doctors can practice clinical hypnotherapy. A very large part of therapy is offered by people who have trained as adults to use clinical hypnosis and other techniques to comfort and support their clients. The Your Mind Matters conferences are designed to bring people together to share and learn from each other as we bring change to the people in our care.

Therapists work with fragile emotions and people who are sometimes at their most vulnerable. All experts agree that practitioners must have adequate training.

Integrative Nature of Kindness

Healthcare is often polarised by different value systems. This can have an impact on the care that our clients receive and sometimes limits their choice of treatment opportunities. An exciting and revolutionising concept to emerge from the Your Mind Matters conferences is the integrative nature of kindness. The art lies in conserving the values of safe ethical practice and balancing this with the vision of revolutionising healthcare.

This is a conference where psychiatrists and mindfulness practitioners, clinical hypnotherapists, cancer specialists, and nutritionists are invested in dismantling the barriers that sometimes limit patient care and all are invested in sharing their work on a multidisciplinary and global platform.

Changing Lives

Everyone who presents and attends this Your Mind Matters Conference is invested in changing lives. It is exciting to see professional societies from around the world coming together and encouraging their members to be part of a communal voice.

Conferences such as this one are often the shiny tip of the iceberg. They showcase to the world our success stories and bring practitioners from across the globe a little closer. But the real achievement is that they also reflect a coming together of minds, the balancing out and learning from each other and the deepening mutual respect and trust between the people who attend and the work that we all do.

Revolutionising Healthcare

We invite you to share the journey with us. There will be opportunities for Q&A, to be part of interactive experiences, for hands-on experiences, and to add your voice and opinion to the collective theme that is revolutionising healthcare.

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