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Certificate in Clinical Supervision

What is Clinical Supervision?


Clinical supervision supports therapists to grow professionally. It provides an opportunity to discuss challenging cases, debrief and for self-care. It is therefore recommended for both trainee therapists, new professionals and experienced professionals. Clinical supervisors also have ethical and duty of care responsibilities to ensure that the therapists that they supervise are adequately equipped to provide therapeutic support, able to reflect on the therapeutic care that they provide and that the client or patient receives best care practices. 

The role of a clinical supervisor is an important part of therapeutic care.
People qualifying as a clinical supervisor on this course will be able to offer clinical supervision to BACP therapists. This supervision will count towards these therapists BACP clinical supervision requirements.


Course structure:


The Certificate in Clinical Supervision is a 6-month training programme comprised of:

  • 18-hours of classroom training

  • 20 hours of self-learning

  • Clinical placement
    - Minimum 3 clinical supervision sessions over 4 months

  • Clinical mentoring
    - Minimum three sessions

  • Examination
    - Viva

On this course, you will learn:

  • Models of clinical supervision

  • How to establish a supervisory relationship

  • Understanding clinical mentoring vs clinical supervision

  • Creating boundaries and providing effective feedback

  • Managing individual and group dynamics

  • Exploring the unconscious process

  • Working with differences and cultural diversity

  • Exploring ethics dilemmas, legal obligations and organisational frameworks

  • Managing poor performance

  • Reflection

Course Delivery:

This course is taught through a combination of: 

  • Live online interactive lectures and discussions

  • Hands-on experience

  • Clinical Placement

  • Clinical mentoring

  • Online support resource material

Successful candidates will receive a Certificate in Clinical Supervision and an opportunity to apply as clinical supervisor with the LSCCH - LCCH Asia Group and LSCCH Therapy Centre.



  • Must have a Diploma level qualification to practice in their therapeutic discipline

  • Must be a practicing therapist with 100 or more clinical hours post-graduation therapeutic practice at the time of enrolment

  • Must be in personal clinical supervision

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CS - AUS.jpeg

Course Delivery: Blended Learning

LSCCH offers an exciting blend of live webinars, face-to-face learning, and online resources designed to make your learning experience enjoyable and easy to manage.

  • Once you register you will have access to an extensive learning platform, which offers a wide array of resources including video lectures, video demonstrations of hypnosis, and opportunities to discuss with other students.

  • All your lectures are video recorded which means that you have control over your learning time.

  • Classroom and webinar time are designed to be interactive and practical. Students are encouraged to share their own experiences and will have the opportunity to practice all the techniques in a safe and friendly environment.

  • Clinical mentoring is offered in small groups online

Course Fees


Early registration fee : £670

Normal fee:                   £870

How to book

You may book a place to this course with deposit of £230.

Special discount: If you have a discount code, please enter the code at checkout.


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