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An International Community of Therapists

Learning with the LSCCH – LCCH Asia Group is so much more than gaining a qualification.


It is an opportunity to connect with a global community of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Integrative Psychotherapists. You will meet other people who are passionate about contributing individually and collectively to the quality and accessibility of mental healthcare around the world.


The Your Mind Matters Conference is held twice a year to showcase this network of graduates and other dedicated global professionals.


You will meet people aligned with the same values about safe ethical practice and who willingly share ideas and knowledge across an international platform.


We invite you to add your voice to this growing global community and help make a difference.


Our partners

International and Global

Building a community
of Clinical Hypnotherapists

We are proud to share collaborations with of Dr Daniel Radeska in Uruguay, Dr Rajitha Jayawardena in Scotland, Mind in Mid and North Powys, Wales, Associação de Hipnose Clínica de Portugal, Dr Annapurny A/P Venkiteswaran in Malaysia, Pia Granjon and Greater Action, and the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

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Our community

Training & Continuous Learning

We are working to advance international collaborations, to share the work that we do and to learn from each other.

This culture of mutual sharing and support is apparent in our classrooms and in the care that we offer our graduates.

Students Graduated
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Working Together

There are millions of people in need of mental health support and our therapists are already changing lives.

Don’t just listen to us. Hear it from our community of graduates who are practicing across the globe.



What they say about us

The LSCCH – LCCH Asia Group have trained over 5000 therapists in the last 17 years. It is our pleasure to share their feedback with you.

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I have had the pleasure of being trained by several of the schools lecturers over many years. They have helped guide me to the success I enjoy today as a full time therapist. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they bring to their teaching. Their personable approach not only gave me the opportunity to become a therapist but also to hone my skills as I learned to work with more complex symptoms and the advanced techniques needed to treat them. I can thoroughly recommend their training.

Anne Holve


Our Services

Take your career to the next level

You can expect thoroughly researched training with a strong emphasis on what works in the consulting room. Our lecturers have decades of experience and have trained many of today’s experts in the field of clinical hypnotherapy.

Practitioner Diploma

Your gateway to a rewarding and exciting career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Specialist Courses

Your opportunity to acquire advanced and sophisticated techniques that can transform the therapeutic process.

Medical Diploma 

Enhance your medical and healthcare practice through the adjunctive use of clinical hypnotherapy

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