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Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis (Part 1)

Over 35 years of clinical practice and research went into creating this course.


The course is hands-on, patient-centred and evidence-based. It also provides the opportunity for personal discovery and reconnection, exploration of the unconscious mind and the opportunity to explore integrative medicine approaches.

Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis & Behavioural Change  (Part 2)

The focus of this module is on lifestyle illnesses, behavioural change, and chronic conditions.

Specialist Certificate In Clinical Hypnotherapy (Part 3)

This module provides an exciting combination of psychotherapeutic training and advanced hypnotherapy tools. The focus is on psychological problems, mood disorders, emotional pain, pain management and other symptoms of physical illness.

The Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy is an exciting programme designed for medical doctors and allied healthcare professionals who wish to include clinical hypnotherapy in their practice. 


The course is lively, evidence-based, and hands-on. Students will develop practical competency across a wide range of skills that can be immediately useful to help patients. These include treatment protocols for chronic pain management, IBS and other functional diseases, mood disorders, lifestyle illnesses, and emotional distress.


The DMH is an international programme and students will be able to meet and network with other medical and healthcare professionals. 


Benefits :


  • A deeper insight into your patients’ problems

  • Practical skills to integrate clinical hypnotherapy with your everyday practice

  • Ability to induce, manage, and terminate a hypnotherapy session

  • Enhanced rapport and patient compliance and improve patient satisfaction

  • Provide non-invasive and drug-free treatment options

  • Cost-effective treatments which can enhance the quality of life



Convenient Delivery

The Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy offers a unique blend of live virtual and classroom teaching designed to provide a safe and convenient learning environment. All lectures are also available via an extensive learning platform, which accommodates the busiest schedules.



Course Structure

The Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy has three parts:


  1. Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis — hands-on training to induce and manage hypnosis sessions and provide adjunctive tools.

  2. Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis and Behavioural Change — new methods for lifestyle and chronic diseases including weight management, insomnia, phobias and performance anxiety, stress hypertension, and diabetes.

  3. Specialist Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy — focused on mood disorders including depression and anxiety disorders, common medical symptoms such as pain management, IBS, migraine and skin allergies, and emotional distress. This course also includes psychotherapy training.



Career Pathway

Graduates can include clinical hypnotherapy as an adjunct or standalone therapy, and clinical hypnotherapy can be offered either virtually or in consultation rooms.


The LSCCH offers a patient referral service to successful graduates working either at their own practice or who have joined the LSCCH international virtual therapy center: the LSCCH Therapy Centre.


Practitioners will also benefit from the on-going mentoring or clinical supervision option. You will also find consultants available to help you discuss the implementation of clinical hypnosis in your practice and to provide advice on difficult cases.


The LSCCH's strong international presence means that graduates will be able to network with an international community of medical hypnotherapists to discuss cases, explore new treatment options for patients, and collaborate in future research.


Suitable candidates are also invited to train as facilitators, clinical mentors, and lecturers.



Professional Recognition
All participants are required to join the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH). This national professional body promotes and assures high standards in the practice of clinical hypnotherapy and is a validating body for the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). 


The BSCH has a strong international presence, which makes your qualification instantly recognisable and easily portable internationally. Upon graduation, you will become a full member of the BSCH and be additionally eligible to join the CNHC.


Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis




Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis & Behavioural Change




Specialist Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy




Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy



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