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Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis (Part 1)


You will:


  • Acquire practical skills to induce and manage a clinical hypnosis session.

  • Enhance rapport and patient compliance.

  • Improve patients satisfaction and sense of well-being

  • Discover the role of hypnosis in pain management and neuro-plasticity

  • Explore your unconscious mind and learn self-hypnosis

  • Improve self-care and address burnout, learn self-hypnosis

  • Reduce patient anxiety and address stress

  • Understand the psychosocial contributors to ill health

Career Pathway


At the end of the course you will have a robust set of skills to include as an adjunct in your clinical practice. This course also provides the minimum entry requirement to Part 2 : The Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis

The course is run over three intermittent weekends and requires online learning in your own time.


This course is open to medical doctors, dentists, nurses, clinical psychologists, paramedics and allied healthcare professionals with a medical science qualification.

Course Delivery : Blended Learning


  • You will gain access to a learning platform with a wide array of resources including video lectures, video demonstrations of hypnosis in action, and opportunities to discuss with other participants.

  • All your lectures are video recorded which means that you have control over your learning time.

  • Live webinars for interactive support, discussion and practice.

  • Physical / virtual classroom time is interactive and practical. Participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences and practice all the techniques in a safe and friendly environment.

  • Tutorial are offered in small groups on line – you are required to attend three tutorials and a tutorial fee of £30 is payable per tutorial

Payment Method


Full fees:                                                                   £1300
Early registration fee with Payment plan:                £1140
Full Payment upon registration:                              £1100 

*additional fees are collected during the course and are billed separately

Payment Plan ** Instalment on Early Bird £380 per month paid in three monthly instalments to be completed consecutively and before the exam date.

What is included
•    3 tutorials
•    2 x Practice sessions
•    Exam Fees
•    Taxes

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