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Updated: Apr 24, 2022



Mental illnesses are on the rise. Today, 1 in 3 Malaysians suffer from mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders, and we’ve been observing a constant rise in suicidal deaths for nearly two decades. In fact, experts predict that mental health illnesses would be one of the top diseases in the country from next year onwards. Officials including ministers are beginning to put emphasis into grooming mental health professionals to cope with the steep increase in demand for such professional services.

Here in LCCH, we aim to groom professionals to help with this issue. Our institute provides more than just knowledge, skills, and world-wide accepted qualifications – we also provide our students with a platform to practice their skills, and build a professional career as a clinical hypnotherapist. We have recently launched the LCCH Therapy Centre, offering our graduates and specialist students with the chance to help patients in need, without needing to worry about marketing and sales. Want to know more? Enquire by replying to this email! Together, let’s help those in need.

LCCH is now offering our students and graduates a platform to practice and develop their career as full time clinical hypnotherapists through the LCCH therapy center. INTERESTING RECENT STUDY There’s been an interesting debate online recently, where experts are contemplating if online shopping addiction should be classified as a mental disorder; for its ability to wreck people’s mental health and relationship. A recent study by psychotherapist Dr Astrid Muller, at the Hannover Medical School in German, found a high correlation between online shopping addiction and mental disorders like depression and anxiety. The research argue the rise of online stores, apps and home delivery have added an entirely new dimension to the concept of a shopaholic. To add on to this debate were shocking news about online shopping. For example this 11.11 Singles Day sale – a man from China wanted to commit suicide because his wife overspent a huge amount of money during the sale, amounting to about 300 000 yuan (USD 426 49.97):

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