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Hypnotherapy as a method for weight loss

Pandemic weight gain is a real thing. Around the world, people have reportedly put on an average of 6kg as gym closures and stay-at-home orders resulted in more sedentary lifestyles.

Human beings tend to eat more when they are stressed or unhappy. Working from home also provides easy access to refrigerators, which increases one’s tendency to snack.

To lose weight, you need a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you are looking to get started, or to maintain the healthy lifestyle you are already leading, then a visit to a clinical hypnotherapist could help.

Most diets fail because people feel they have to give up or deny themselves the foods they enjoy. Denial creates a mental tension. The harder you try to consciously avoid thinking about something, the more you end up obsessing about it.

How hypnotherapy boosts your success

Clinical hypnotherapy helps you refocus your desires. Instead of thinking about nasi lemak or chocolate, your attention is drawn to how amazing you feel when you have achieved your desired size or weight. Slowly and naturally, thoughts about unhealthy food will fade away.

There are several techniques clinical hypnotherapists use to help people stay motivated. One method is to help the client perceive their life as if they had already achieved their desired weight.

This powerful technique allows the brain to relearn a behaviour from a completely new perspective, and allows new neural pathways to be established.

Other techniques reinforce your enjoyment of healthier foods and eating smaller portions, and set up a positive expectancy when you think about exercise. You will notice subtle shifts such as looking forward to your daily walk or unconsciously selecting health-food options at the supermarket.

This type of deep hypnotic learning can help you break unhealthy habits in just one session, but making them part of your lifetime change often requires a few visits – most people benefit from five to six sessions over a five-month period.

Positive thinking

It is important to begin new learning with forgiveness and optimism. Harsh inner talk may shame you into getting started, while a positive mindset increases the way you learn new things.

The desire for better health can be a great motivator, but stress, worries about employment or money, general uncertainty and poor mental health can have an adverse impact on eating behaviours. Visiting a hypnotherapist will further help you address how you feel emotionally and psychologically.

The therapist will help you set up realistic diet and exercise routines, and can also use hypnotherapy to reduce your cravings and help refocus your eating behaviour. You will leave the first session feeling motivated, as your therapist would have also worked with your unconscious mind or emotional brain.

It is common to receive compliments from your friends within the first week of visiting your therapist. As you become more positive and motivated, your body posture changes. People sit up straighter and move with more confidence.

Good emotional health is attractive, so even though it takes a little while to achieve your desired weight, the benefits start right away. This post was featured on Free Malaysia today. Link here Hypnotherapy as a method for weight loss | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)

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