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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

BSCH members rising above the challenge of lockdown It has been a challenging year for clinical hypnotherapists globally but BSCH members are determined not to let COVID-19 or lockdown dampen their spirits. In fact, working virtually has just created more opportunities for networking. HYPNO ANAESTHESIA SURGERY

BSCH Fellow and Medical Director of LCCH Asia, Dr. Alan Soh working in collaboration with another clinical hypnotherapist and President of the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists, Professor Dr. Marzida Mansor, after another successful procedure using Hypno-sedation. The patient, an 86 year old woman with skin cancer was required to undergo local excision of BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma). A previous experience had left her severely traumatised, but Dr Alan and team were able to provide the mental reassurance before surgery and help the patient remain calm throughout the procedure.

The surgery which took place at the national teaching hospital of Malaysia, University Malaya, was a success and the team will present a film of the procedure as part of continued medical education for anaesthetists next year.


On November 9th Principal of LCCH Asia and four of BSCH members formed a special interest group under the PAIN Special Interest Group (SIG) in the College of Anaesthesiologist Academy of Medicine Malaysia.

The plan is to introduce clinical hypnosis as a sub-specialisation within pain management and work towards renaming the Pain Special Interest Group (SIG) the “Clinical Hypnotherapy Special Interest group”. The team which includes Sheila Menon, Dr. Alan Soh, Professor Dr. Marzida Mansor, Dr. Anand Chandrasegarn and Dato’ Dr Anavangot Damodaran have already presented at anaesthesia conferences, the Pain SIG and to the health division at the ministry. A government review in 2016 includes clinical hypnosis as a drug-free treatment for pain management. Surgical procedures with and without local anaesthetic have already been presented to the Ministry of Health and are available in some hospitals in Malaysia.

This collaborative effort will definitely go down in the annals of Malaysian medical history.


BSCH President, Peter Mabbutt was in Malaysia in 2018 to launch the first training clinic for hypnotics at a government University in Malaysia. The Director-General from the Ministry of Health and the Deputy Minister were also present. Two years later, University Teknologi Mara Shah Alam (UiTM) has included clinical hypnosis as a module on their Master's degree. The team is lead by BSCH member Dr Anna Venkiteswarn and the first 5 dentists have registered onto the curriculum and are enjoying their experience of trance.


LCCH Asia launched its first virtual course amidst the chaos of the coronavirus this year. Going virtual has brought an international flavour to both teaching faculty and students. The first students are beginning to graduate and joining with other healthcare professionals offering mental health support.

Datin Dr. Thema Majid, the Vice President of Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a BSCH member introduced hypnosis to medical students at the National University of Malaysia. The lecture was virtual and Dr Thema demonstrated hypnotic trance to 147 fascinated medical students and is now receiving emails from future doctors who are keen to learn clinical hypnosis.


Some of you may have heard on the grapevine that, despite everything that COVID-19 threw at us, the LSCCH Therapy Centre (in collaboration with another organisation – all will be revealed soon) has launched.

Members will be able to join and BSCH clinical supervisors will be sought to ensure safe ethical practice. The centre is committed to supporting practising BSCH members and towards growing the profession. Watch this space there will be more news as the new year unfolds.

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