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This course is uniquely designed so you do not require prior experience. CBT provides an excellent set of tools for working with patients, clients and even corporate training and management. It is evidenced and powerful.


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Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

£870.00 Regular Price
£710.00Sale Price
  • Fees paid, either in full or in part, are not refundable unless the course is cancelled. However, should you not be accepted to attend the Course, your deposit will be refunded in full.

    • Course fees include access to the appropriate learning platform for the duration of the course.
    • Course notes become the property of the student upon full payment of the course fee. However, all course materials are subject to copyright and may not be used by anyone else without written permission.
    • Students enters into an agreement to pay their full course fees when they register on to a course. 
    • Fees paid, either in full or part are not refundable.
    • LSCCH reserves the right to alter, cancel, postpone and/or reschedule lessons and lectures.
    • In the event of a non-commencement of a specific course, students registered onto that course will be transferred to an equivalent course within twelve months of enrolment. A refund of course fees will be offered if no equivalent course is provided within 12 months of enrolment.
    • LSCCH holds the right to reject or suspend a student in the course of study for medical or ethical reasons. LSCCH will assume no liability in this matter.
    • In the event of overdue fee payments, the London School of Clinical Communication and Hypnosis (LSCCH) reserves the right to suspend all academic services to the student until the payments are made. Reinstatement of the student incurs an administrative fee of GBP75
    • If a student cannot complete the course into which they are registered, they remain liable for the course fees. They may however register onto the subsequent course (only) at the discounted fee of 50% the new courses fees.
    • These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.
    • Instalment Plan (if any) is subject to Admin Fee unless specifcally waived by a promotional offer
    •  Prospective students are advised to select their choice of course carefully; change of course will only be permitted, subject to an administrative fee of GBP100
    •  LSCCH reserves the right to reject the student’s registration if in the opinion of LSCCH the student is not suitable / qualified for the course signed up. In such an event, LCCH Asia will refund the amount paid by the student less an administrative fee of GBP50 within one (1) month from date of rejection.
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