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The Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy compromises of the Foundation, Advanced & Specialist Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

£5,580.00 Regular Price
£4,570.00Sale Price
  • Full Course Fee: £5580
    Early Bird Instalment Plan Fee: £4725
    Early Bird Promotional Fee: £4570

    The Early Bird Fee Instalment Plan Fee of £4725 can be paid via an interest free Instalment Plan comprising nine consecutive monthly payments of £525 - £4725/9 months - £525 per month.
    You can secure your place on this course in one of the following ways:
    •    Pay the Early Bird Promotional Fee of £4570 in full at time of booking
    •    Use the Early Bird Instalment Plan 

    Your registration will be processed upon receipt of either the Early Bird Promotional Fee in full or the first instalment of the Early Bird Instalment Plan.
    You will also receive a receipt (and invoice if using the Instalment Plan) upon receipt of fee by either of the above payment methods).
    The Academics Administrator will contact you by email within one working day.

    Selecting the correct entry for Instalment Plan payment on the website

    In the ‘Fee’ dropdown menu, you will see additional entries listed as ‘Instalment Plan – Month 1’, ‘Instalment Plan - Month 2’ etc. 
    Please ensure you select the correct payment month.
    For example: If the course starts in September, you must register by selecting ‘Instalment Plan – Month 1’. Your next instalment fee of £525 in October would be made by selecting ‘Instalment Plan - Month 2’, and so on.

    Paying the balance of your Instalment Plan

    You may pay your balance at any time at no additional cost. Please contact the LSCCH at for advice.
    Late Instalment Plan payments

    Instalment Plan payments are due by the 25th of each month.
    If any Instalment Plan payment is more than one week late, your account will be temporarily suspended and you will not have access to the online student portal until payment has been made. Please get in touch with Student Liaison and / or the Academics Team Administrator for further support.

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