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Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Tired of feeling stressed? Last year nearly 79% of employees reported experiencing work-related stress. The lines between personal life and professional commitment were blurred during the last two years and it is not surprising that many people feel emotionally and physically exhausted and cognitively weary. The American Psychological Association study published last year identifies an increase in reported stress symptoms by 38% since 2019. Clinical hypnosis offers a simple solution that can take your body out of the fight or flight response mode. It is easy to learn and helps reset the body’s natural ability to relax and destress. The benefits include an overall feeling of positive wellbeing, reduced negative thinking, and an emotional calm that can stay with you for the whole day. In fact, many of our students and practitioners described using self-hypnosis or listening to our free audio downloads as one of the things that helped them to cope.


Many people today recognise clinical hypnosis as a treatment option that allows you to relax deeply. This makes it a natural antidote to the pressures of stressful living. It is easy to learn and regular practice of between 5 to 20 minutes can reduce the build-up of chronic stress, boost confidence and positive wellbeing, and allow you to regain your emotional equilibrium. It is okay to invest a little time in your self-care. Self-hypnosis can help you sleep better. It can also help you feel more content and improve your connection to other people. The World Health Organisation has identified that reducing the stress response is associated with a lower incidence of getting Covid-19.


Clinical hypnosis offers an effective treatment for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Most illness is compounded by stress responses and or feelings of helplessness. Clinical hypnotherapy offers a dual approach, first by taking the client or patient into a state of hypnotic relaxation and secondly by working on the symptom or psychological response to it. Research shows that clinical hypnotherapy can change our brain responses to physical pain helping patients through the recovery and healing process from surgery and physical ailments. It can also help first time mothers prepare for childbirth and offers a drug-free option for functional illnesses such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel disorders.


Recovering from the pandemic will take time. Career pathways have been disrupted and there is a 25% increase in depression and anxiety globally. The 2022 World Health Organisation report identified increased mental healthcare challenges in 90% of countries surveyed and has encouraged mental healthcare initiatives in the workplace. Clinical hypnotherapy is a solution-focused treatment which means that the therapy is focused on helping clients achieve their treatment objectives and life goals quickly. The therapist will guide the client into a state of hypnotic relaxation and help them process the psychological blockages safely. The clinical hypnotherapist will also use hypnotic suggestions to rebuild the clients’ confidence and establish other emotional resources that will help them to cope more effectively. Clinical hypnotherapy focuses on both the unconscious and conscious mind making it both an efficient and positive experience.


Covid-19 was a collective ordeal and for many people, this has translated into developing more compassion for others. Most of us have benefited from a colleague who understood when we took longer to return a phone call. There has also been caring for others in the community and discussions about mental healthcare initiatives in the workplace.

People have also taken time to re-evaluated the things that matter to them. There has been a surge of interest in the caring professions and many people have invested time and money exploring new career pathways in counselling and clinical hypnotherapy. Others have chosen to explore their own emotional journey and to acquire the skills to understand themselves, help their families heal or to give back to the community.

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