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I Am A Clinical Hypnotherapist

Clinical hypnotherapy is becoming more popular, but how do you know whether it is the right profession for you?

Job Satisfaction

Helping people to heal or work through their life challenges creates a tremendous sense of professional pride and job satisfaction. Clinical hypnotherapy is often referred to as a brief strategic therapy because it works quickly and gently to release trapped emotions. It empowers clients to regain control over their lives and choices. Most clinical hypnotherapists describe the experience when a client thanks them after a session as one of the most professionally satisfying feelings you can receive.

Career Options

Covid-19 has been a game-changer for many people. Mental health is now a serious global issue, and many people have re-evaluated their career pathways, making decisions about what is important for them, their families, and their future.

Working as a clinical hypnotherapist suits people who are looking for a little flexibility in their professional lives. Some people continue with their day jobs, working part-time until they have built a practice. Others schedule their clients around family and other commitments.

Once established, most therapists work in private practice or join wellness centres. An extremely comfortable balance is between 3 – 5 clients a day as a full-time therapist. A growing number of professionals establish small private practices which allow them to meet competing family and work commitments and choose their work time.


It takes just over a year to train professionally. LCCH Asia courses are part-time and designed to fit around work and life commitments. The training includes practice, and you will work with real clients. By the time you graduate you will be a qualified clinical hypnotherapist recognised locally and internationally and ready to start your career.

Students come from many different professional backgrounds. But all are united by the desire to help others. This means that you will meet and network with many people who have a similar mindset. Some students maybe psychology graduates, but the life experience that you bring with you is just as important.

Modern learning is progressively delivered through live virtual classes. These sessions are fun, convenient and they bring global experts into the classroom, create network opportunities, and offer flexible learning options for adult learners. Our class sessions are very interactive with opportunities to discuss, watch demonstrations and practice with others. Graduates have the confidence and qualifications to work globally through virtual platforms and support other communities with long waiting lists of clients.

Life Changing Opportunities

Hypnosis offers a unique and powerful route to your unconscious mind. Simply entering the state of hypnosis releases tensions, unlocks potential, and creates a sense of personal harmony and balance. Self-hypnosis is a technique that most clinical hypnotherapists use to stay motivated, destress after a challenging case or build confidence when they get started. It is a great technique to teach your clients too!

Clinical hypnotherapy focuses on the outcomes that people wish to achieve. It includes psychotherapy and counselling techniques and combines these with clinical hypnosis creating a powerful and effective method to help clients.

Join A Growing Community of Clinical Hypnotherapists

As clinical hypnotherapy continues to grow in popularity, there are many courses to choose from. All experts agree that comprehensive training is important, particularly when acquiring skills that will help vulnerable people. However time and effort bring their own reward, and there are few pleasures more gratifying than a client who thanks you for changing their life.

The community of clinical hypnotherapists has been expanding over the last few decades. The professionals below are just a few who have touched the lives of individuals and corporate and international clients. All are proud to say, "I am a clinical hypnotherapist."

Is This An Opportunity For Me?

If you are curious about the mind and how it works, you will be fascinated by clinical hypnosis. But there are a few important questions that you can ask yourself before you reach out for more information.

Are you looking for something more with your life career?

Do you have the desire to help others?

Would you like to feel a deep sense of satisfaction at the end of your working day?

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