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Discover Your True Self with Clinical Hypnosis

Throughout our lives, we are bombarded with well-meaning advice as peers and parents recommend that we "work hard, spend less, save more, buy property, find a good partner and live the happy life."

These words shape our aspirations and add to our childhood goals. But sometimes the reverse can happen. Slowly we are left with a sense of emptiness as if something has been quietly stripped away.

Forgotten Dreams

It is easy to neglect your own dreams when you are trying to living up to the expectations of others. Many people get lost. They wear a facade of happiness, but their inner world tells a different story — often punctuated by restlessness and the longing for something more.

But it is never too late to reclaim your personal journey. Clinical hypnosis offers a route back to your emotional self. It can unlock your potential and the experience is often transformative and exciting.

For some people it is an opportunity to discover their true identity, for others it is the beginning of an fulfilling new career.

Changing Priorities

Priorities change over time. Some people may pursue their passion and interests immediately. Others take time choosing to establish financial stability and independence first and explore their inner world at a later stage.

But personal growth is a life long journey and the best time to begin will depend on your own unique circumstances and life goals.

People often feel guilty or selfish for taking time to focus on themselves. It is a common belief that we should prioritise other people or responsibilities. But it is equally important to remember that when you focus on your personal growth you become more generous spirited and fulfilled as a person which also means that you have an increasingly positive impact on the people around you.

There are many examples. Taking time to develop your communication skills helps to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with your loved ones. Working on your emotional intelligence equips you to navigate challenges in your personal and professional life leading to conflict resolution and new sets of skills.

There is an art in finding the balance between your personal growth and meeting your other responsibilities. The skill lies in giving yourself permission to explore and acknowledging that your needs are valid and important too.

It is also important to recognise that our priorities may change over time and that it okay to explore them and to grow and evolve as individuals.

The Power Of Self Reflection

Learning about clinical hypnosis takes you beyond traditional boundaries and connects you to your unconscious mind. The journey allows you to discover and understand your motivations, fears, and aspirations both at a personal and profound level.

The journey to personal discovery is as important as the destination. It is easy to become caught up in the idea that we need to achieve our dreams in order to be happy. Quick fix experiences may be exciting but they rarely bring lasting change. Dreams evolve and the process of pursuing them can sometimes be as rewarding as the outcome itself.

Many people discover that they have been been limited by the fear of being judged or misunderstood. We acquire stock responses and present a single facet of our identity which over time disconnects us from our playful, serious, young, passionate selves. In this way we give up our passion and lose the connection to joy and abundance.

Clinical hypnosis peels away the charade. It is not about adhering to social norms; it is about embarking on a personal journey of self-exploration and uncovering your own truths.

Using simple methods of deep relaxation and focused attention, clinical hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and provides access to the unconscious mind. The experience can take a few minutes but the reconnection to ones' sense of authentic purpose that can last a life time.

Your Partner In Self Discovery

The LCCH has created a practical course that allows people to discover themselves at their own pace. The programme, called a Practitioner's Diploma is divided into three parts each with its own unique transformation and self-discovery.

Change takes time so it is important to get the most from your investment of time and money.

The first step is to rediscover yourself. Personal growth is also about sharing ideas and experiences, and the virtual classrooms creates a community of people with similar values. Many people describe the additional bonus of the friendships that they make. It is exhilarating to explore the intricacies of the mind with people who can validate your experiences. Many friendships continue long after the course has ended.

People with the desire to help others will continue onto the next level. This course takes you beyond the classroom. The skills you learn provide insight into the lives of others. Students will have the opportunity to practice with real clients under the watchful eyes of their clinical supervisors.

Imagine a career where you can help others break free from their self-imposed limitations and one where you can guide them towards their true potential.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, you will have the privilege of witnessing incredible transformations in the lives of your clients. You will empower them to overcome fears, break through barriers, and embrace their true selves. And as you facilitate their journey of self-discovery, you continue to grow and are reminded of the values that led you along this path.

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