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A Fresh Start for 2022

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

New Year is a time of future promise. It offers an opportunity to set new goals and to look at the world afresh. The tradition of setting new year resolutions dates back 4,000 years to Babylonian times, and whilst we are not always successful at keeping them, about 45% of people still reflect and make personal pledges for change and growth at this time of year. 2021 has been a challenging year. But as we close this chapter and it is useful to reflect on the lessons we have learned, such as the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing, communicating with loved ones, reflecting on what really matters, and remembering to create personal time for ourselves.


World Hypnotism Day, celebrated on the 4th of January, offers a unique opportunity to usher in resolutions for a healthier, happier more emotionally robust start to 2022. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation that leaves the person feeling refreshed, re-energised, and with a sense of mental and physical well-being. It has the additional bonus of being something that human beings experience naturally and is often described to be similar to a pleasant daydream. Self-hypnosis or the art of using hypnosis for yourself is easy to learn and use for yourself. Of course, clinical hypnotherapy is much more than an experience. This effective therapy combines many different techniques with a state of profound relaxation. The result is a drug-free treatment option for depression, anxiety disorders, chronic and acute pain management, insomnia, anger management, irritable bowel disorders, childhood anxieties. In fact, the list is extensive, and World Hypnotism Day was established to create better awareness of this cost-effective and gentle treatment option.


Many of our students shared how much they enjoyed and benefited from learning clinical hypnosis during the dark days of 2021. Research shows that self-hypnosis reduces the stress response, improves emotional resilience, restores personal confidence, and enhances mental and physical well-being. Regular practice enhances rapport and empathy making it an extremely useful tool to have as we venture back to work and school in 2022. This year as part of our World Hypnotism day celebrations, we will sponsor three exciting workshops two on self-hypnosis and one on cognitive behavioural therapy, a psychotherapeutic approach that is easily integrated with clinical hypnotherapy. The workshops scheduled for the 15th and 16th January allows just enough time to recover from the New Year revelry and is a steal at just RM55


Self-hypnosis is a powerful way to de-stress. It is easy to learn, fun to use, and can help you relax in just a couple of minutes. This New Year workshop takes just two hours and participants will have the opportunity to discover a little more about hypnosis, experience what it feels like to be hypnotised, and then learn how to use self-hypnosis for themselves.


Imagination is the language of hypnosis. This means that you use words to create an image of what you want to achieve. When we become stressed or unhappy we often talk about the things we don’t want to experience or feel. Our imagination can get stuck on the negative things in our life. Clinical hypnotherapy will help you to refocus your thoughts onto the positive outcomes you want to achieve. Of course clinical hypnotherapy is effective in any language. University Malaya and LCCH Asia established a multilingual hypnotherapy for pain clinic over 10 years ago and the results showed that clinical hypnotherapy was equally effective for reducing chronic pain whether suggestions were made in Malaya, English, Mandarin, Tamil or a composite of languages. The most important factor is whether the therapist had established rapport, listened to the client’s story and engaged them in the suggestion. This year we will also be offering Mandarin Self-Hypnosis workshop as part of our commitment to creating better awareness of the benefits that clinical hypnosis brings.


There will be many challenges waiting for us in 2022. Clinical hypnotherapy is an effective therapy. But it is also a useful tool for personal care and restoring emotional resilience. It fits well with corporate mental wellbeing and is an easy technique to share with children as they prepare to return to the classroom. Research shows that mindfulness and hypnosis practices share the same domain suggesting a new and important role for clinical hypnosis in mental healthcare. Therapeutic approaches are increasingly integrative and around the world, many institutions including schools and businesses are introducing innovative ways to help people transition back to a life beyond covid-19. We wish everyone a joyful and happy start to the New Year

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